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Chrono Syndrome
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Title: [D]-Jongg
Genre: Mahjongg-inspired puzzle
Graphics: 3D (DirectX9)
Version: v1.0 - Release
Dev. environment: PureBASIC v4.40
Distribution: FreeWare OpenSource.

Rules: similar to ones in most of solitaire Mah-jonggs, yet with some adjustments for tridimensionality. The goal is to completely clean playing field by pairwise elimination of dices, exposed from at least one side by abscissa and applicate axises simultaneously.

Esc - Quit game.
TAB - Minimize game to tray.
LMB - Select dice/Remove pair.
RMB - Cancel selection.
BackSpace - Undo last action.
Left/Right or A/D - Camera rotation.
MMB (when moving cursor) - Camera rotation.
Space - Darken unselectable dicez.

System requirements:
Pentium IV 2.0 GHz
Pixel shaders 2.0
DirectX 9.0c
Windows XP

Q: Why there are no sound in game ?
A: It takes action in open space).

Q: Why there are no musical accompaniment ?
A: For the simple reason that something more worthy than some 8-bit beeping looped in one minute will take more space in archive than rest of the game. At this moment I find such things too wasteful.

Q: Why cube canít be rotated vertically ?
A: As you can see, this feature is already supported in source code, yet due to confusing effect on player it was temporarily disabled for indefinite period.

Q: I canít get the rules!!!11one
A: Unable to help you, sorry.

Q: What actually this game downloads after receiving from user agreement for updating DirectX ?
A: "Lite" version of official installer:

Q: Why you not just distribute game with all necessary things ?
A: Thank MicroSoft - their EULA restrict me from adding required DLL directly in the archive.

Q: What means "WARNING: NO PS 2.0 SUPPORT FOUND" message ?
A: Apparently your video card just doesnít provide support for required version (2.0) of pixel shaders. Well, if it sure isnít so - contact me for the further investigation of this problem (EMail would be given further).

Q: How distribution type of this project corresponding with the propertiary license of Xors3D ?
A: Itís just same situation as with a similar license for PBĎs compiler: although resulting product are free to end users, any developer who wish to utilize attached sources will have to solve all questions with rights for using corresponding software by themselves. Well, in the case that you really have something worthy to offer - just contact me.

Q: How can I contact the author (you) ?
A: ChronoSyndrome[@]Mail[dot]RU

Special Thanks 2:
Xors3Dís team - for blooming shader and engine.
Sleeping-Dragon - for original sprite of cursor.
SynergyDigital - for additional GUI font.
Pixture - for applicationís icon.
BauerBear - for main GUI font.
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The source is included in the program package

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