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I?m sorry that my program written in Russian but the English version 5.0 can be downloaded here:


1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 - change weapon(works when weapon is set)
Ctrl - shot
????space - lauch missile
Arrows - move
Right Alt - booster(works when device is set)
Left Alt - antiasteroid protection(works when device is set)
Space - land ship on planet/station
Enter-take container

New version! 6.3!!! Animated Planets!
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19:40:51 2007-09-01
Auch wenn es nicht Deutsch oder englisch ist, man findet sich zurecht.
Die Grafik find ich super!

05:45:31 2007-09-02
Don?t be sorry, everyone programs in their own language best and most coders know how to use BabelFish for translations.

Your game looks great.

00:08:35 2007-12-03
The Not bad special effects. But I was losts and I have killed quickly.