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Visual Generate Deluxe v4.x for Purebasic v4.x (Windows)


Creating of an executable program from one or several common files with complete event-handling for menus and gadgets.

- Extension of the IDs for menus and gadgets with WindowID as prefix
- Afterwards changing of the original common files
- First window as parend window
- Set Windowpostion Auto (#PB_Ignore)
- IncludeBinary Bitmaps
- Translate in MenuItem(...) ?\t? to ?+ #TAB$ +? for using shortcuts
- Multi Languages in one catalog file
- Creating of a default catalog file
- Saving of last preferences in project file

Add the common file(s) created with Visual Designer or handwritten and create a project.
After that following files are available:

Main.pb - main program
Commonfile.pb - mutual used common file
EventMain.pb - event distributor
EventMenu.pb - events for menu(s)
EventGadget.pb - events for gadget(s)
EventWindow.pb - events of the window(s)
LoadLanguage.pb - data section and code for language

After changing of the original common files new events will be added
and ?search and replace? code by changing constants

- No use character "_" for window constants
- GUI Designer. No set IncludeBinary Bitmaps

- Now support UserGadget. Show menu preferences.
All Gadgets without syntax "xyzGadget(#" added to UserGadget
- Open auto last project

New v4.05
- Option: Event CallFunctionFast - Call Event with owner virual table.

New v4.06
- IDE Toolbar added
- Bugfix: Toolbar

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11:28:29 2007-07-24
Hallo Michael

Super Tool ;)
Das erleichtert meine Arbeiten, wenn ich den PB VisualDesigner nutze.
Zwar nutze ich den VisualDesigner wenig, aber wenn ich mal kleinere Sachen muss
mit mehr Windowsfenstern ben?tige f?llt die manuelle Nachbearbeitung und Anpassung dadurch weg.

Ich freue mich auf jeden Fall auf weitere Tools von Dir, die mir hier und da die Steine
aus dem Weg ger?umt haben :)