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What is the Pure FileMaster ?

Pure FileMaster is a Win32 Filemanager based on 2 Explorer-Windows.
The Features of Pure FileMaster in Overlook:

- Copy or Remove of Files or Folders from one Window to the other.
- Supports Rename, Delete, View, Edit, and MakeDir.
- Integrated ToolBar. (Can also deactivate)
- Default- and Popup-Menus. (Popup-Menu can also deactivate)
- Near all Menu-Entrys can also activate per KeyShortcut.
- Supports the Packer ZIP, 7-Zip and RAR. (Complete RAR support only if WinRAR is installed)
- Miscellaneous Custom Colors Editable. (Can also deactivate)
- Explorer Font is selectable. (Inclusive style)
- Resizable Main and File-Viewer Window.
- Viewing of Hidden & Systemfiles can turn On or Off.
- Filesize can view in Bytes or KBytes.
- Multilingual Catalogs available.
(Currently German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian & English)

What can the Pure FileMaster ?

Besides the usual file operations like Copying, Deleting or Renaming,
you can also access to a ZIP or RAR archive as if it is a normal Directory.
So you can e.g. copy any files of an (Explorer) window to the other.
In addition to it is easyer to use as the most packers like WinZIP.




- Changed: Added a new and expanded AboutBox.
- Changed: Menu-Entrys from the InputBox has now also Icons.
- Added: A Hex-Editor to edit files.
- Added: Favourites Menu & Preferences.
- Added: A Search function for files. (Menu & Toolbar)
- Some fixes


- Fixed: Bad view in the AboutBox was fixed.
- Fixed: Filesearch supports now patterns like "P*.exe"
- Changed: Pattern & searchstring from Filesearch will now buffered.
- Added: Fonts for ButtonBar, DriveButtons & InputBox is now selectable in preferences.
- Some fixes.


- New: Copy, Move, Delete, Rename & MakeDir can also now run in Administrator mode.
- New: Doubleclick on a DLL or the ?View-option? will now shown Informations to it.
- Changed: The ?Properties? option has now no longer an own custom window.
- Changed: FindNext (F3) from HexEditor jumps now directly to the next founded address. (Also if found more matches in one address)
- Changed: Stringsearch in HexEditor is now CaseInsensitive. (A=a)
- Changed: Stringsearch in ?FileFinder? is now CaseInsensitive. (A=a)
- Changed: Clicking on ?Contains? in FileFinder-Panel will now activate the StringGadget. (focus)
- Updated: Unrar.DLL
- Some Fixes
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19:54:52 2007-01-27
N?tzliche Sache im Style des NortonComander, den ich im ?brigen immer noch benutze (als Windows Version).


01:49:10 2007-01-28
Danke f?r die Blumen. :-)

Eigentlich hatte ich mich immer bem?ht das Tool eher wie Total-Commander
aussehen zu lassen. Naja, muss ich wohl noch mehr daran "Feilen". :-)