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The IrrlichWrapper make the OpenSource-Engine ?Irrlicht? available for PureBasic.
The Wrapper wraps the Objectoreinted Engine to a simplified Interface for PureBasic.

At the Moment there are more than 100 Commands available !

You can use Objectes in many formats (3D-Studio (*.3ds), Maya (*.obj), Blitz3D (*.b3d), Ogre (*.mesh) and more !)

Possiblity to use OpenGL or Directx8/9 - or a Software-Renderer.

The Irrlicht-Engie offers a lot of possibilities !

Some Features (there are much more):

Lightning-Fast Rendering in 3D
Loading von texture in man Formats (jpg,tga,png,psd and more)
Loading and Saving of complete Scenes
Animators to change or move or Rotate objects timebased.
Own GUI !!!

All you want from a modern 3D-Engine.

Since Version 1.01 :
Render to Texture
Doku as Windows-Help (chm)
Support now DirectX8/9
More Examples
Advanced-Example (RTS-Camerea)

For Version 1.02 (Released 06.11.2006) - while PB 4.01 came.
* Added Functions for changing and Counting Materials on Nodes
* Added some Primitives (Cylinder,Cone,Diamond)
* Add function for Pitch/Roll (experimental)
* able to get the Mouseposition
* Added TextureAnimator
* added more Documentation (but not all is well documented at the Moment !)
* some minor fixes....

For Version 1.03b (Beta-Release 23.11.2006)
* Added Shader-Functionality with ConstantShader-Callback
* Added Callback-Animator, that can be used to make own Animators.
* Added more Light-Functions
* Added more Functions for Material-Manipulation
* Added Example for Shaders
* Added possibility of using AntiAliased/Transparency-Fonts
* Added FontToolWrapper.exe to create Antialiased and Transparent Fonts (as TGA)
* Fixed Shader-Bug in Irrlicht with a Irrlicht-Patch (DirectX HLSL-Shaders)
* Updated some Doku, but this Wrapper sizes to fast at the moment. Please
study the examples as HowTos

For Version 1.04b (Beta-Release 03.01.2007)
* Switched to Irrlicht 1.2 !
* Fixed problems with the Shaders in Version 1.2
* Added Irrlicht-Extension ImageGui (Thanx to Josh Turpen for allowing this)
* Added Example for ImageGui
* Added Example for Callback-Animators
* Added Example for Changing Textures on Meshes
* Added functionality to read XML ith IrrXML
* Updated Dokumentation. But it is still not so good....
* Added Functions to Retrieve VideoModes
* Added a Irr3DRequester, that is now shown in all Examples.
* Added Callback-EventReceiver
* Fixed some Bugs with GUI.
* Wrote a FontTool to use the new (built-in)-Antialias-Font-functionalty

Version 1.05 beta - now as static library, and you need no IrrlichtWrapper.dll or DirectX-Dlls !
There are so many Additions and CHanges, i can not list here - find it out....

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The source is included in the program package

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09:33:24 2006-11-05
Cool. Funktioniert zwar im Moment nicht, aber bekommst trotzdem 10 Sterne ;-) .

Jetzt funktionierts :-) .

09:04:03 2008-05-31
Warum gibt es den Wrapper nicht f?r Linux?

Obwohl es mir sehr wichtig w?re habe ich jetzt seit ich Linux verwenbe nichtsmehr mit 3D machen k?nnen :(

Aber Super Arbeit-Danke

00:54:41 2007-10-21
Die ZIP Datei ist defekt. Auch nach mehrmaligem Download gibt es immer an der gleichen Stelle beim Entpacken eine Fehlermeldung