You have tried the demo version of PureBasic?

 Your interest in PureBasic was aroused ?

Then don't hesitate and still order today !

You will get at a really reasonable price - moreover also including all future updates - an extensive and ultrafast Basic, with which you can fulfill almost all your programming wishes.


Price per licence

PureBasic full version

79 €

Upgrade from Topos version *

69 €

Upgrade from DTP version "PureBasic 4 - 3D Developer"  (More info - german only)

59 €

on request and in Germany only: additional cd-rom with all actual PB versions (PB for Windows pre-installed) & many useful PureArea.net contents

+ 5 €

PureBasic company and educational licences are also available. Just ask for further details!

199 € / 499 €


* All buyers of the PureBasic version from Topos publishing house (both issues "PureBasic - Professional" and "PureBasic - Game Programmers Edition" are including the PureBasic full version v3.30, but without update possibility), can upgrade to the regular full version for a special price of 69 Euro.

Many more informations around the PureBasic ordering, upgrades & updates, etc. you find on the new (german) FAQ site!


Get the PureBasic "sister product" for web-client development:

SpiderBasic (including 1 year free updates) for only 49 € -  More informations on www.spiderbasic.com!


Because of a cooperation you get following additional offer:

PureVisionXP 5  (including all v5.x updates for free) for only 25 € -  More informations here!


Order directly at the PureBasic team and support the developers:

Send your order and money transfer to:

André Beer
Siedlung 6
09548 Deutschneudorf
Web: www.purebasic.com

Bank Account:
Deutsche Kreditbank AG
Account 15920010 - Bank code 12030000

optional: via Paypal to andrebeer-at-gmx.de

For an order following data is needed:
Sure name and last name (alternative/additional: company name), street and number, post code, city, country and of course email address.

Immediately after I got your fully order data and as well your money transfer, I will create your personal download account on www.purebasic.com!